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Vininor 8Domiane Barat holder til landsbyen Milly en liten landsby rett utenfor Chablis. Domaine Barat er en typisk familiedrevet eiendom, både Joelle og Michel Barat kommer fra vinmaker familier. Deres to barn Angéle og Ludovic jobber også aktivt på eiendommen og er sjette generasjon vindyrkere i Chablis. Barat har totalt 20 hektar plantet med Chardonnay.

Siden 1984 har alle druene blitt plukket maskinelt. Vinifikasjonen foregår på temperaturregulerte ståltanker, for å bevare mest mulig friskhet, frukt, sjø og mineralpreg som kjenne-tegner Chablis. Vinene lagres videre på tanker frem til de tappes på flaske normalt i mai. Vinene er så klare for salg til høsten.

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>>{{Viner fra Barat:}}

[[Viner fra Barat:]]

Årgang Vin Vinmark Alder på vinstokker
2008 Petit Chablis 10 år
2007 Chablis 15-50 år
2007 Chablis 1er Vaillons 30 år
2007 Chablis 1er Cote de Lechet 20-30 år
2007 Chablis 1er Fourneaux 45 år
2007 Chablis 1er Mont de Milieu 28 år

[[Viner fra Barat:]]

I have always thought of Domaine Barat as a solid middle of the pack performer, which is to say that they produce good, reliable and ageworthy wines but rarely much in the way of excitement. 2007 is different as the wines are genuinely wonderful and given the prices they typically sell for, well worth your attention. Michel Barat calls 2007 a “highly aromatic vintage that is completely classic in every sense. I was worried about the vintage because up until the beginning of September, we had rot threatening and swollen berries from all of the moisture. Then the vent du nord (north wind) arrived and knocked down the incipient rot and evaporated the excess water in the bunches. We were also in the band of hail that hit parts of Chablis and so that required a lot of treatments and vigilance too. The real trick was to harvest at the right moment, which we decided to start on the 5th of September. The sugars were good, much better than they had any right to be at between 12.5 and 13%. Even though we sorted carefully, we decided to do a fairly extended initial débourbage (lees settling right after the pressing) and no bâtonnage at all, again just to be sure that we had clean wines both aromatically and in the mouth. Despite the fact that 2007 had high malic acid levels, we had no trouble with the malos and overall, this is a great vintage for those who love classically styled Chablis.” – Burghound